Hemeis invites professionals to serve as part- and full-time volunteers, thus complementing its student internship program. You should have minimum experience already and an undergraduate degree.

Available opportunities:

  • On-location interns: in the offices of Hemeis in Tunisia.
  • Distance interns: off-location, with most communications via telecommuting.

These positions are available throughout the year.
Internships are unpaid.
Interns will receive a reference letter.

Use your online skills to help writers produce rigorously researched articles for large popular audiences, suggest avenues for research, and ensure that writers have up-to-date and accurate information at hand as they compose essays or documentaries.
Solid research skills, from the ability to take notes and keep an organized bibliography and database to the ability to quickly and effectively read through material to discern what’s useful and what’s not. You should know the difference between a primary and secondary source, and know how to fact-check both print and audio-visual materials. You should have solid writing and editing skills.

Experience in basic media digitizing and editing (Final Cut Pro or Avid) is strongly desired, as is knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Website-building experience would also often be of interest, along with general IT skills.

Hemeis staff is ready to help you pick a topic to write a carefully researched article.

Help maintain and expand this website ( Available for both on-location interns and distance interns.

Help maintain and grow our Channel with all the up-to-date information on terrorism and attacks in the MENA regions, with a focus on Islamic terrorism.


Qualities sought:

  • Familiarity with the contemporary Middle East, the academic studies on the region, and radical Islam.
  • Knowledge of a Middle Eastern language desirable but not required.
  • Knowledge of the basics of the Muslim Religion.
  • Proficiency in English and working French language is required for the Internship on location.
  • Proficiency in English and proficiency in French for the Web Publishing position.
  • Proficiency in English for the distance Interns. Desirable, but not required, proficiency in Russian, Arabic, French.
  • Proficiency at Internet-based research is necessary.


  • Volunteers who would like to have their internship at the Tunisian location will have to provide autonomously for their accommodation.
  • Volunteers who live elsewhere are invited to use electronic communications and work from where they are. A stable high-speed Internet connection is required in this case.


Openings for full- and part-time unpaid volunteer positions available.

To apply, send:

  • A cover letter explaining your interest and qualifications for the position.
  • A resume.
  •  The names and contacts of three references.
  • Specify in the subject line that you are applying as an intern.

Students interested in an internship position should email a cover letter and a copy of their resumes to the office manager, at

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